I lead a team with an approach that leans on the aesthetics of film photography, while relying on a photojournalistic direction to render more unposed captures — a signature experience that ensures that your vision won’t simply be understood, it will be illustrated with intention and an infusion of fine art details.

The Haint Blue Collective Philosophy

A note from this photographer in auburn, AL

“The Lord blessed her with so many talents; the biggest one being wedding photography.”

Celeste & Denver | Auburn, AL

Heard through the grapevine

My overall intent is to take the photographs you would never think to put on a list, but that you would never want to live without. I do so by staying in tune to the moment, not glued to a checklist, but rather, approaching your wedding event with an awareness of the traditions and must-have takes while following the story as it unfolds. 

This philosophy values both classic imagery and the nuances of human connection that can’t be put on a list, but that will certainly come through in the photographs if we know how to look for it.

Award Winning, But More Importantly, Aware Of Precisely How
To Capture The Moments You Won't Want To Live Without

Portrait & Wedding Photographer in Auburn, AL

Curating cohesive sets of classic and candid imagery for weddings and families alike. Previously known for design and calligraphy services.


Behind The Name

Derived from the southern tradition of painting porch ceilings blue to deter unwanted spirits or “haints,” it’s a nod to my southern roots, bringing along a hopeful hue while reminding us of traditions that are passed along through generations, just as your images will be.

"Haint Blue"

The Photographers Of The Collective

Adrienne is an open book with a depth of knowledge when it comes to color theory and understanding works of art. Even her two dogs are named after famous artists — Frida Kahlo and Edward Hopper. With a bachelor’s degree in fine art and a master’s in art education from Auburn University, she is the type of person who has the “wit and delightful charm” (as clients have expressed) that helps you relax into the moment. She intends to take imagery that represents who you are, and will most likely cry during the father daughter dance. While she’s a brunch-loving, Boston-born photographer, her home is in Alabama.

Adrienne Hames

Associate Photographer in Auburn, Al

Kate Gwin

Founder & Primary Photographer

Raised in Georgia and now based in Auburn, Kate is reminded at each wedding she photographs, that what she does matters. The best part for her is when she’s present in the moment with you. After all, she loves being in the company of kindhearted people, often visiting with friends or taking in some fresh air with her husband and their daughter, Alice. If you ask around, you’ll learn that Kate has always been one to document family gatherings, following the footsteps of her grandfather, and then mother. Her favorite moments are the intimate ones, those traced throughout the days of weddings grand and small. She’s drawn to the greater purpose and lifelong impact of photography, with an inclination to carve out her own timeless, artistic take. To note, Kate holds a master’s degree in art education and has an editing style rooted in film photography. 

Ellen Wagner

Associate Photographer

Ellen is a deeply passionate individual who strives to make every person she comes in contact with, to feel cared for and supported. Along with motherhood, photography has shaped how she views life and relationships - savoring the ever-changing rhythm of families and their dynamics. A pharmacist for years, she has the ability to take control of chaotic situations and create a sense of steadiness and security for those around her, while still being friendly and comforting. Ellen drives for her clients to scroll through their gallery, feeling the joyful delight that was unique to their time together.

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